Shiva Krupa

Temples of India signify the very root of Hinduism and its culture. To be worth of the trust reposed by our ancestors, it becomes our primary responsibility to sustain our heritage for generations to come.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Renovating Dilapidated Temples

It is only God's grace that makes wonders. The first look at the dilapidated Temple at Karuppur near Aduthurai made us to think that very little could be done to save the old structure as the entire shrine was facing collapse at any time especially after a monsoon. It was firmly under the grip of very thick roots of huge trees and it was impossible to save even a small part of it. Moreover the temple was built with bricks right from the foundation. The bricks had become too old to withstand the load over the weak foundation. It was too dangerous to cut a part of the tree as the bricks would give way leading to the collapse of the sanctum and it was also too risky to do the job which could cause serious injuries to the artisans. However, the pulling down of the trees along with the old structure was done very carefully and a new foundation was laid with granite stones.  The sanctum  is raised over the raised platform and the job is expected to be completed before the end of the month. As the Ambal shrine had crumbled and only the debris could be seen, we had to build a new sannadhi for the Goddess in the same place after laying a new foundation. New sannadhis are to be built for Ganapathi,Subramanya & Chandikeswara. A compound wall has to be built around the Temple complex.
Sikanatha swami Temple at Kottur is being renovated without losing its old splendour. Terracotta figures on the vimanam are carefully renewed. The granite slabs of the front mandapam gad to be numbered and dismantled to remove the roots of the trees that had gone deep and developed cracks. Now the slabs are reassembled properly and the whole structure presents the original look. Work on Ambal sannadhi has just started.  A wall has to be constructed around the Temple and the locals are looking for donors for the same. Interested persons may contact 09585160960 for more details.

The locals at Enangudi term it as a miracle as it was unbelievable before three months that such a ruined temple would be restored back so soon. Lord Shiva has answered our prayers and the Kumbabishekam was conducted on 9th July after undergoing a marathon renovation work in a record time. Each part of the Temple had to be renovated and that was the reason why we thought it was nothing but God's grace that made it happen.

As we were on the way to visit two more dilapidated temples near Karaikal, we had to pass through a recently renovated Shiva temple at P. Kondhagai near Thittacheri. A brilliant job has been done over there and all those involved deserve praise. Lord Panchavaneswarar in huge Linga form gives dharshan in the sanctum.

Panangattur got the name as we still see numerous palm trees around the place.  A big Lingam under a thatched shed is seen near a cluster of palm trees. A shrine for Him is being planned. 

The ruins of the Shiva Temple in Panangattur is  similar to what we have seen in Karuppur. The brick structure has too many cracks and the roots of the tall trees have penetrated through the gaps. A new sannadhi in the same place is being planned after pulling down the ruined sanctum. The Balalayam ceremony has been conducted some 10 days back in order to start the renovation work.

The Shiva  Temple  at Kuthalam near Narimanam has many cracks on the roof of the front mandapam. It has to be repaired first and finishing touches are to be given for the terracotta figures before painting them. Compound wall has gone at some places and immediate attention is required to arrest further damage.    Since CPCL and ONGC are closely located, their employees can lend support in rebuilding the Chola Temple and consecrate it at an early date.