Shiva Krupa

Temples of India signify the very root of Hinduism and its culture. To be worth of the trust reposed by our ancestors, it becomes our primary responsibility to sustain our heritage for generations to come.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dilapidated Temples near Aduthurai

It was time to visit  the dilapidated Temples near Kumbakonam. While a similar attempt was made last year, a totally ruined Shiva Temple at Mangudi drew our attention. The old members of the village were contacted to know how long the Temple remained in this condition. Even the oldest person who may be around eighty could not explain. We assumed that it was left in the pathetic condition for more than a century. Our efforts could save only the Sanctum,Vimanam and ardha  mandapam of Swami Sannadhi. Since the Shrine of the Goddess could not be saved, we had to rebuild the same over the old foundation which was made of granite.

 The plastering work is on and installation of images around the Vimanam is remaining. The plastering work of Swami Vimanam will be taken up next and the major work of laying the floor, erecting a  Mandapam infront of the Sanctum and constructing a wall along the boundary have to be undertaken thereafter. Orders will have to be placed for making new idols of Goddess, Ganapathi,Subramanya and Chandikeswara which are not there at present.

Among the dilapidated Temples covered during the recent visit, those around Kanjanur and Thugili deserve immediate attention. Kanjanur is not far away from Aduthurai, a very small town on Kumbakonam- Mayiladuthurai road. It is known as a "Paraihara sthalam" for Sukra. In fact,it should be attributed to Agneeswara , the Lord. Saint Appar has sung Thevaram on Him. This place is also well known as the birth place of Harathatha, the Great Shiva Baktha who proved the Greatness and "Parathvam" of Parameswara. It is in this village there exit two more Temples which are now in dilapidated condition.

The first Temple presented a sorry picture. The front Mandapam has cracks that need immediate repair. A Siva yogi's "adhishtaanam" is seen in the outer Prakaram. The shrine is built with bricks, on top of granite foundation. A statue of a King(?) with beard is seen with folded hands outside the sannadhi of Dhakshinamurthi. There appear to be no one to maintain the Temple. An old Lady was seen interested in explaining the visitors and seek assistance from them for performing Pujas.

The second Temple is close to the main road and the front portion of the Temple is hidden as it is partially taken over by a School. The vast land on the other side of the Temple may also face the same fate if it is not protected. The west facing Temple will bring tears to the devotees as many parts of the Temple have collapsed already and the remaining structure faces extinction at any time. There is abolutely nobody to bother about the Temple as it lacks proper gates to protect itself. No one was there to tell us the reason for neglect.

Thugili is another village nearby which is famous for weaving. The road from Thugili takes us to Thirulokki, sung in Thiruvisaippa of Karur Thevar(9th Thirumurai.) We come across another Temple on the way which is left with a Shiva Linga alone! All we can see is a high rise floor over which the Shiva Lingam is installed. The Lord is named as Sundareswara The Temple is surrounded by sugar cane fields and a Sugar factory. A canal runs at the entarnce of the Temple. Pin drop silence of the area is disturbed by the winds that make noise by dashing against tall trees surrounding the Temple.Two tall "Ilavam" trees were standing too close to the Deity.They were cut to make way for the sanctum . The only care taker of the Temple is an old man who stays inside the Temple despite the presence of snakes. However, he is not afraid of them as he believes that he will be protected by none other than the Lord Himself. Yes, he is fearless and prefers to be there inside the thatched shed. His only dream is to build a small Temple to house the Lord in the sanctum. Days roll over, but his dream is yet to come true. Anguish is written on his face. He waits for God's orders.