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Temples of India signify the very root of Hinduism and its culture. To be worth of the trust reposed by our ancestors, it becomes our primary responsibility to sustain our heritage for generations to come.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Projects nearing completion

Rural side continues to present a sorry figure. Unless the locals are proud of their culture, the Heritage sites will miss their attention and dilapidation seems to be the outcome. The Cauvery delta blessed with large paddy fields becomes dependable on good inflow of water in the river. Even though the Temple lands produce a bumper harvest, the beneficiary is not the Temples but others who refuse to pay the dues. In the absence of caretakers, the Temples face destruction,thanks to the wild growth of trees on the structures that accelerate the process.

Rural Temples situated around Pazhayarai and Needamangalam face the similar fate. However, there are some places where some initiatives have been taken with external help to rebuild the dilapidated Temples. It gives some solace when we see the renovation work is almost over. But assistance is required to  complete the  projects to  consecrate them.

Thirumandangudi is about 5 km from Swamimalai where the Chola Temple of Thribhuvaneswara is located. All idols are shifted to a makeshift Teple nearby after performing Baalaalayam ceremony in 2010.  Inscriptions are seen on the walls of the Temple. Inscriptions belong to Rajaraja III (1241 A.D. ) give an account of the taxes levied. The Main Deity of the Temple was called as Thribhuvanaveereeswaram Udayaar. One should not miss the beautifully carved "Gomukham".  A mandapam is constructed in front of the Sanctum. The consecration will be conducted on Monday,16th September between 9 A.M and 10 A.M. More details can be had from Mobile Nos: 99763 51003 and 99425 14502.

Kailasanatha Temple at Koonanjeri is nearby and known for special Pujas offered to  Bhairava on Ashtami days. Worshipped by Ashtavagra, the Temple has eight Shivalingas in a row There are two shrines for the Goddess. The renovation and consecration was done few years ago before which the Temple was in a highly dilapidated state.

Chozhan Maaligai is a part of Pazhayarai where we see a fully dilapidated Shiva Temple. The remains are scattered all over the place. Shivalingam,Ganapathi and Nandi are temporarily housed inside a thatched shed. A Shivalingam is seen amidst bushes in the prakaram and a headless statue with folded hands (resembling Appar) and a Yali panel are also left there.

The shrine of the Goddess is also in a pathetic state where the idol of ths Goddess is not seen. The priority now is to protect the remaining murthis by constructing a wall around the Temple and then start the renovation work. It is also said that the Cholas worshiped eight Kali Temples in this region and all are protected now.

Nathan Koil is on the other side of Pazhayarai where the picture is heartbreaking! A huge Shivalingam is the only deity present in the west facing Temple. The "Temple" stands close to the road. Devotees have constructed a shed over the Murthi and arranged for Puja once in a day. Steps are yet to be taken for constructing the Temple.

Reddy Palayam has an unique Temple known for Uththarapatheeswara reminding us the legend of Thiruchengattangudi. The Sanctum houses the Deity of Utharapatheeswara and a Shivalingam is seen under the "Aathi" tree. Devotees have constructed a new Mandapam infront of the Sanctum and the consecration is going to be held in the month of Avani.

At Peria Guruvaadi, we come across yet another Temple which was almost ruined by the growth of Trees with strong roots. Some youngsters of this village have done a great job    that deserve commendation. They removed the heavy granite slabs which were disturbed by the trees after marking them suitably. Since they had to raise the level of the Sanctum, they brought granite stones from outside and laid a strong foundation over which the original structure was rebuilt. As the original Nandi in front of the Sanctum was a damaged one, efforts are on to replace it with a new one. Their main anxiety is to find donors to build a wall around the Temple.

The Shivalingamurthi in the Sanctum is swayambu and Gangavisarjanamurthi is seen behind the Moola murthi which is unique and perhaps the only place of this kind. Peria Guruvadi is 17 km frm Mannargudi, 22 km from Thiruvarur, 5km from Thirukkollikkadu,a Sani Nivarthi sthalam and 3 Km from Thiruvendurai,sung in Thevaram.

Devakoshtams of Dakshinamurthi and Lingothbavamurthi are awesome. Strangely, Bhairava is kept inside a Devakoshtam. Akilandeswari ,The Goddess occupies a south facing shrine The consecration is planned for sometime in January 2014 after erecting a fence around the Temple and constructing a Mahamandapam in front of the Sanctum. Further details may be had from Mr Venkataraman, Mobile: 9786386104

Soundara Nayaki sametha Sundareswara Temple at Peria Kothur is also in a dilapidated condition.Strong roots have moved the structure at many places. The roof at the entrance of the Sanctum may fall at any time. Murthis are kept inside a makeshift Temple nearby. Outer wall is the need of the hour and urgent steps are required for saving the Temple from ruins.

Similar efforts have been made at Sendhangudi, on the southern banks of Vennar in Needamangalam Taluk. Nagavalli sametha Nagaeswara Temple of this place is renovated and consecration is to be held on 16th Sept. This is located 5 km from Thirukkollikadu and   4 km from Thirunattiyathangudi  and accessible from Vadapathimangalam. Further details can be had from Mr Natarajan,Mobile: 9751214748

Thottakudi is a small village on Manakkal Aiyampettai - Srivanchiyam  road . The renovation work of the dilapidated Temple of Maragathavalli sametha Manikandeswara Temple was initiated in 2004 and yet to be completed. This Shrine belongs to the period of Rajaraja Chola. The Deities are in the baalalayam and it may take some time to complete the work before taking up the consecration ceremony. More details may be had from Mr Sekar on his Mobile No: 8883278497

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