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Temples of India signify the very root of Hinduism and its culture. To be worth of the trust reposed by our ancestors, it becomes our primary responsibility to sustain our heritage for generations to come.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Manakkal back to old Glory

As pointed out many times earlier, we derive complete satisfaction only when the Temple we identified for early renovation gets a face lift and consecrated. It is therefore imperative to work ahead for the completion of the project with the support of the locals and Philanthropists. Once initial drive is initiated, the momentum gained is unstoppable and with the Grace of The almighty, the wish is granted miraculously. All that is needed is boundless devotion and leaving the rest to God.
Sri Agastheeswara Temple at Manakkal was among the  Temples around Thiruvarur visited last year. It was understood that the renovation work was started some five years back and got stuckup in the middle due to paucity of funds. Vimanams for the newly constructed shrines for Ganapathi and Subramanya had to be raised. The Villagers were on the look out for donors to complete the work but in vain. Our Sabha came forward with the help offered  by a Philanthropist to undertake the work and finish it by July end so that the consecration could be planned for September.

After procuring the building materials, the work was started on 15th July and the work in Ganapathi's Shrine is expected to be over by 20th. Vimanam for Subramanya will be constructed thereafter and completed by the month end. The above Philanthropist has kindly consented to paint the Temple in August and get it ready for the grand occasion which falls after a gap of over 80 years.

The visit to Alivalam,3 km from Thiruvarur had revealed that the renovation work remained unfinished. While the Sannadhis of Viswanatha and Visalakshi have been newly constructed, work on compound wall which is literally pulled down at many places by huge trees is yet to be taken up. The entrance itself is engulfed by a big tree which threatens the structure. It may be too late to retain the old entrance as the damage caused is beyond repair.

The legend says that The Lord is worshiped by Vishnu by making several rounds of the place. Hence the place was called as Ari (Hari) Valam and the name was wrongly mispelt as Alivalam later. A girl from Varanasi  married a Sivacharyar of this place and prayed Lord Viswanatha to  bless her as she was privileged to worship Him at Kasi. So the Lord at Alivalam was named as Viswanatha to the delight of the woman.

Sri Brahmapureeswara Temple at Enkann  near the famous Subramanya Temple of the place  is under ruins. Many Devakoshata murthis are missing due to lack of security. Said to be under the control of Archaeological Department, this ancient Temple needs to be protected immediately.
 Surrounded by paddy fields, the Temple becomes a haven for snakes.

 The caretaker of the Temple has many pet cats which practically live in the complex. He says that the cats are brave enough to challenge the snakes. The Temple has many visitors from outside with whose contribution the pujas for the swayanbu murthi and Ambal are arranged. People who come to Subramanya Temple should also pay a visit here and help in rebuilding the shrine The outer wall has fallen completely behind the sanctum and the other sides also pose a similar threat of falling at anytime. We do hope that people and the Government will take all steps to start the renovation work immediately to protect whatever is remaining.

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