Shiva Krupa

Temples of India signify the very root of Hinduism and its culture. To be worth of the trust reposed by our ancestors, it becomes our primary responsibility to sustain our heritage for generations to come.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Good and the Bad

The long wait is over at Thalayalangadu, about 14 km from Thiruvarur. This historic place,praised in Sangam literature and Thevaram Hymns has taken more than four decades to undergo renovation and consecration. Since we firmly believe that mere identification and publishing blogs on dilapidated temples will not suffice, we did not stop with writing about the Temple but went all out to extend all possible help. Our visits were made useful for meeting people and bring out an organised action plan . As ever, our friends generously helped in the renovation work without which the task would have been too difficult. It is well known that all village temples rely on external help to carry out the job. Until they find the donors the renovation gets postponed and dilapidation process activated. Hence it becomes important to find donors as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the already dilapidated structures.

Mahakumbabishekam was perfomed at Thalayalangadu by strictly adhering to Sivagamas. Although the locals could not afford to meet the high cost, the external help came in time. Of course, the need could not be met fully as some deficit is still faced. With clues on hand, one hopes that the dues are cleared shortly.
The Yagasala presented a beautiful and divine look and the rituals were conducted in the most sincere manner. A Shiva lingam was seen in the flame when we took picture of one of the nine "kundams" meant for Sri Nardhanapureeswara Swami.

We could witness the rare art of drawing over the pot that consisted Holy water into which "Kalakarshanam" was done. Two leading Sivacharyars were busy in" creating" the faces of Swami and Ambal and then fixing it at the neck of the "Kalasams". The job was done meticulously with lot of precision.

Everyone was delighted when the "Kalasams" with the "addition" was worshipped and taken on the heads around the Temple for Kumbabishekam.

Earlier, Go Puja,Brahmachari puja,Sumangali puja and Suvasini puja were conducted as per customs. The involvement of people in this function is exceptional.

The grand occasion in the evening marked the Celestial Marriage of Nardhanapureeswara with Balambika. Ladies participated in the event with enthusiasm. The colourful occasion was greeted by the much awaited rain which lashed the village and its surroundings for over 30 minutes.

We found time to visit two temples nearby- the first one at Achuthamangalam,near Srivanchiyam where a single devotee swings into action by constructing a Temple for a ShivaLinga as the original temple is lost. He contacts many people for help and succeeds in his tireless efforts. Shrines for Shiva and Parvathi are already built and the consecration is planned to take place in 3-4 months. A very tall "Iluppai" tree is there facing the temple.Details can be had from 9524348725.

The second temple is at Elandhavanamcheri, 2 km fromThalayalangadu. It is in a totally ruined state with no takers. The remaining structures can collapse at any time.The Mahamandapam has already fallen and left the idols under the sky. Deep roots of massive trees have ploughed into the walls of the sanctum,threatening to push it down at any point of time. HR&CE dept which controls the temple keeps a blind eye on it. No effort has ever been made to renovate the shrine. The villagers ,though helpless, look keenly that something good will happen soon. A huge" Elandhai"tree is seen in front of the temple. Future generations will be deprived of losing the Heritage sites one by one due to  negligence of this kind. The long wait is over at one place but continues at many places to differentiate the Good and the Bad.