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Temples of India signify the very root of Hinduism and its culture. To be worth of the trust reposed by our ancestors, it becomes our primary responsibility to sustain our heritage for generations to come.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Saathanur - The Pancha Linga Kshetram

Saathanur, near Aduthurai used to be a large village during Chola dynesty. It may be surprising to note that Thiruvaavaduthurai was one of the hamlets under Sathanur in those days.The deity in Thiruvavaduthurai has been sung not only in Thevaram Hymns but also in Thiruvisaippa. Sendanar in his Thiruvisaippa padigam of this place called Sathanur as "Saandhai" . This place is also known as a "Pancha Linga Kshetra" as it contains five Siva temples of ancient origin, the biggest among them is at Thiruvavaduthurai, about 3 Km from Sathanur. The other four temples are within the limits of Saathanur village of which Siddheswarar temple , which was consecrated about 50 years back required least amount of repair work when compared with the rest. Our Sabha is blessed for having participated in the renovation of Sri Kailasanatha temple, Siddheswara temple few years back and presently engaged in the rebuilding work at Kasi Viswanatha temple.

Sri Kasi Viswanatha Temple was in ruins and it had to be rebuilt from scratch, thanks to the efforts undertaken by the villagers. It is going to be consecrated on 7th February and the villagers expect support from outside as well.

The fifth temple is on the outskirts of the village and only the Lingam (Sri Airavadheswarar) is remaining! The temple precincts are occupied by people for the purpose of cultivation. The sanctum faces Paddy fields and a lonely atmosphere prevails over there. However, well wishers have cleared bushes and thorns around the area to go near the Lingam. A shrine needs to be built here as the Lord is left under Sun and rain.

Mahakumbabishkam was performed at Sri Gomuktheeswarar Temple in Thiruvavaduthurai on 26th January in a grand scale. Necessary repairs were undertaken by the Mutt without affecting the old glory. Six Kaala yaga sala poojas were carried out strictly as per the Agamas. Nine kundams were erected for Swami, Ambal and Nataraja and Thyagaraja had 10 Kundams. As this place is known as Nandikeswara sannadhi for Sri Mahalinga Swamy of Thiruvidaimarudur, five kundams were erected for Nandhi , a unique offering to the mighty Bull! People thronged the temple in thousands on that day and occupied vantage positions to have a glimpse of the Kumbabishekam. Devottees were thrilled to see Garuda circling the sky right above the sanctum at the Holy hour.

The temple faces East and the Holy tank, Pankchaakshara Theertham is in front of it. Lord Ganesa, who accompanied His Mother when she took the form of a cow, is known as "Thunaivandha Vinayakar" whose shrine is close to the Main Gopuram.

When Saint Thirugnanasambandar came here to worship the Lord, his father also arrived from Sirkazhi and met him. As he had plans to conduct an yagnam at Sirkazhi, Sambandar sang a Padhigam praying for Lord's assistance in this regard. Lord Siva was too pleased and he sent his Bootha Gana to hand over a pouch containing 1000 sovereign of gold. The bootha ganam kept it on top of the bali peetam behind the Nandi and Sambandar handed over the same to his father. Images depicting this incident and that of Thyagaraja are installed and neatly painted. One must thank Thiruvavaduthurai Adheenam who are consecrating the temples coming under their Mutt one by one .